Michelle. 16. Australia

Anonymous whispered: Ok I will call Suho and he will drive them here to meet you. -Chanyeol


Anonymous whispered: You're a fob?

i dont even know what that means tbh

My Melody


Anonymous whispered: NOOOO. I mean they can come here. Right now. Like right now. -Sehun


Anonymous whispered: Anyways.... Michelle.... How would you like to talk to the other Exo members? -Sehun

what do you mean? by phone or…?

Anonymous whispered: so were u fluent in english when you came here???

well not fluent but i can still speak it pretty well since i’ve had english teachers from the states and i used to watch tons of american tv shows and movies and such ^^


Anonymous whispered: whOA if you've been here for 3 years how did u learn english so quickly?????

i’ve learnt english since i was 5~~~~~

Anonymous whispered: have you ever been so kawaii that someone/something exploded into moe flowers (idk)

nAh i wish thO

Send me ‘Have You Evers’~

Anonymous whispered: have u ever had a sexual relation ship?


Send me ‘Have You Evers’~

Anonymous whispered: have you ever had a boyfriend ???


Send me ‘Have You Evers’~

April 18th, 2014.
Today marks 3 years I’ve been in Australia~ o u o